“Our process will make the difference”

The craftmanship behind Wolfgerus Publishing, will result in a unique book that can be appreciated by casual readers, true connoisseurs and collectors. We unite the skills of many experts, employing both traditional crafts and state-to-art technology, so everyone involved will be highly satisfied.

The Ultimate Egg Book brings the worlds of food, design and luxury printing together. Wolfgerus Publishing want to contribute to this by creating the highest quality book with a distinctive identity and capture imaginations, and addressing a new theme – the egg – in a contemporary manner.

Today, the luxury cookbook market has become an indispensable tool for luxury chefs. This presents an opportunity for chefs to describe their heritage and bring their creations to life.

Our digital world goes faster than ever and nothing remains of it, but books are the solid part of our past and present. For us, The Ultimate Egg Book is a matter of intellect and emotion, of heritage and innovation.

In an era increasingly defined by mass production and temporary, transient cultural trends, this strictly limited edition embody a tradition of excellence rarely found in books and publishing.

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