The Ultimate Egg Book is an exciting culinary trip around the world. The book showcases edible eggs in all their diversity.

Naturally, you know of the chicken’s eggs and fish eggs, such as caviar or salmon eggs. But did you know that insect eggs and reptile’s eggs are eatsen elsewhere in the world? And what about other bird eggs such as penguin or flamingo? Undoubtly not something you’d use to add something special to your breakfast.

The chicken’s egg knows many cooking methods around the world, of which you will find examples in the book. From the Chinese century egg to the most refined egg dishes by Michelin chefs, in which the egg is placed on a pedestal. They are described in detail and accompanied by beautiful photographs. The various cooking techniques are also explained, step by step, so that you – as a true chef – can also use them at home. Apart from all of this, you will also find a number of a special gadgets and handy tips & tricks in the book.

In short, The Ultimate Egg Book is an exciting voyage of discovery for the eye and the plate, but above all it is an to the world’s most used ingredient: the egg!

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